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Fabric Bolts Got Your Back: Bolt Bench

Design Milk

It appears that Canadian design firm Dear Human likes to create designs that have multiple functions, a dose of humor and the potential for interaction. This is certainly the case with Bolt Bench, a piece they designed for their own studio space to help manage fabric storage and seating space. The design accomplishes both in a stylish way. Plus, when youre bored of how it looks, just get some new

DIY Gingerbread Ornaments Of Felt


Gingerbread ornaments are typical and traditional for Christmas, and tasty! If you don?t want to make foodie ornaments as they can be easily destroyed or spoilt, let?s make felt ones. The supplies are brown felt, paper pencil, scissors, brown thread and a thin needle, white thread and a thick needle and white beads. Start by tracing the shape of a gingerbread man to a piece of paper. Cut it and u

Holiday Escapes: Indoor Movie Screening + S?mores 3 Ways and Invite Freebie


Few things make me happier than staying indoors on a cold winter day. Throw in a few smores and Im sold. So for our next Holiday Escape, we decided to throw a good old fashioned movie party, complete with popcorn decorations and more smores than you can shake a stick at. If you want to get your friends or family together for something simple and fun, this is the a great way to gather together wit

My great loss


This past August my childhood dream came true. I got a horse. Well, my amazingly sweet fiance got me a horse as a surprise for my 30th birthday. I ve literally dreamed of having a horse since before I could even say the word horse, and had been seriously looking for a couple of months. I met Sequoia the week before he became mine, thinking I was trying out a lesson horse for my instructor. The f

High Quality Style on Your Toes from Coclico

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OK ladies, my new shoe obsession is Coclico, a brand that makes high-quality shoes and boots that balance the rigors of modern urban life with the desire for sleek design. Im kind of obsessed to the point that I cant decide which ones are my favorite. Founded in New York City by French designer Sandra Canselier, each pair is created with care and detail, making sure to consider materials with th

Modern Glass Extension on a 5-Story London Townhouse

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When an interior designer and a media company CEO bought and moved into this 5-story, 6-bedroom townhouse in 2011, it became clear that the once-neglected 1870 London home hadnt been updated since the early 80s. Giles Pike Architects were brought in the following year to completely refurbish all five floors of the Kempson Road house, including adding on an impressive double-height glass extension

Annette Tatum

House of Turquoise

If you re like me and go gaga for pink and turquoise, then this bedroom designed by Annette Tatum definitely has your heart racing! A girl-to-teenager update, Annette specifically used turquoise in the room because it goes with everything and offers room to grow. But for now I m loving the pink...it s so pretty and fun! The roman shade, crisp bedding, beautiful wallpaper and custom furniture are g

¿Cómo disfrutar más tiempo de tu Ponsettia?

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La Ponsettia es un miembro ms de la familia durante las navidades. Su color ilumina el fro invierno que suele invadir el mes de Diciembre. Pero esta no es la nica razn por la que la Ponsettia es muy popular, la tambin conocida como Estrella de la Navidad en muchos pases, es muy popular porque no requiere demasiados cuidados. Con unos simples trucos, esta planta permanecer con la familia hasta bien

A LEGO 1984 Classic Macintosh Built for the iPad

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If youre close to my age, you probably remember the classic 1984 Apple Macintosh computer with the built-in screen. I had one and I worked on one at my first internship. Imagine my delight when I saw this LEGO interpretation (you all know my love of LEGO by now)! Oslo-based Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken are the ones to thank (Thanks!) and these advertising professionals wanted to re-imagine

El dormitorio ideal para dos niñas pequeñas · An ideal shared room for little girls

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

Si hace unos días os mostraba unas fotos de animales bebés, ideales para decorar dormitorios infantiles, lo de hoy es tan bonito como lo de ese post pero multiplicado por 100. Un dormitorio compartido por dos niñas pequeñas (la mayor de 3 y la pequeña que aún no ha cumplido el año), las hijas de Joni, la autora del increíblemente inspirador blog Lay Baby Lay. El dormitorio ha sido decorado complet

Tapperello Modular Rug by Nicola Lattanzi for Formabilio

Design Milk

Designed by Nicola Lattanzi for Formabilio and produced by Euroline Furniture, Tapperello is a modular rug system. The felt modules are different sizes and colors so you can join them together and create your very own custom-designed rug, like a Mondrian on your floor. Imagine the possibilities! You can contact Nicola Lattanzi at nicola_lattanzi@libero.it. Photos by Airprod | Aurelio Toscano.



Simple Times: Celebrating In Ireland


Hello friends! Its Rincy again with a little post on the holiday season here in Dublin. I love this time of year, similar to spring, it feels as though there is a secret promise of a new beginning just around the corner. It can either be a frenzied blur of events or the slowest of periods and I think its safe to say that weve all had our fair share of both (takeout food and Friends re-runs, Ive be

Plantas de viviendas. Atlas.

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En este volumen muestra una extensa variedad de proyectos de edificios residenciales ilustrados con sus plantas. Una recopilacin de obras que expone las tendencias ms actuales en los bloques de apartamentos as como los elementos que debe contemplar el arquitecto: el entorno, sus habitantes, los recursos y la planificacin urbana. Cada una de las soluciones arquitectnicas presentadas ha sido selecci

Before & After: A Bedroom Freshened with, you guessed it, Black and White!


I dont think I could be more thrilled with the sudden Black-and-White takeover the design world has taken in recent times. Everywhere I turn, people are starting to embrace this bold and previously intimidating non-color palette. While some might think that black and white is too stark or hyper-modern, many of the Before Afters weve run in the last year prove quite the contrary. From this stunni

¿Ya es tarde para montar tu árbol de Navidad?


Por lo que sea. Porque has tenido más trabajo que nunca, porque los niños te han llevado loco o loca, porque no encontraste ninguno que te gustara en las tiendas, porque lo fuiste dejando y dejando, porque... si por lo que sea aún no tienes tu árbol de Navidad, es 16 de diciembre y ya es tarde. ¿O no? No, espera. Aún puedes montar un árbol de Navidad rápida y fácilmente.El árbol de Navidad más ráp

Aqui em casa

Design e Decoração- Blog de Decoração

Chega esta época, a gente se sente tão cansada, que fica difícil pensar em qualquer coisas diferente para fazer.Mas criar um projeto de cada vez, me ensinou a amar ainda mais a nossa casa. Um processo lento, que me fez ter paciência ao longo deste caminho, para criar a casa dos sonhos .Ela ainda não é perfeita em todos os sentidos, temos muito mais a fazer. Mas é a nossa casa. Cheia de encantos,

Fresh From The Dairy: Top 10 Most Popular Society6 Products of 2013

Design Milk

We have been so lucky to have such a great partnership with Society6 over the years with our Design Milk Dairy curated product collection and our weekly Dairy posts. Were celebrating today by sharing the top 10 most popular products weve shared in our Dairy. From pop icons to patterns to pineapples, here are your favorites: 10. Pop Cross iPhone case by Danny Ivan from our iPhone 5 cases post 9.

¿Sabías que puedes seguir la ruta de Papá Noel alrededor del mundo?

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Se acerca la Nochebuena y eso significa que Papá Noel pasará a hacernos una visita dentro de nada. Los más peques últimamente se están portando de maravilla, ¿verdad? Incluso parecen angelitos. Saben que si se portan mal Rudolf y compañía no harán ninguna parada en casa, por mucho que ellos intenten sobornarlos a base de leche y galletas.En Navidad, después de la cena en familia del 24 de diciembr

Dormitorio de Bebé en gris con pinceladas de color

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Cama, cuna de mimbre, silla Acapulco. También vemos colgada en la pared una caja de luz de un oculista, y una estantería para muñecos y cajas.Kika Estarellas, del estudio de arquitectura e interiorismo BONBA studio nos escribió un mail para mostrarnos uno de los últimos proyectos infantiles que han realizado, una habitación de bebé decorada con un tono tan neutro como el gris y animada con algunas