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12 Modern Christmas Tree Skirts


This year my favorite bit of holiday decorating was a striped tree basket from Terrain. I dont actually put gifts under my tree for a few reasons. First, Hope will tear them to shreds. Second, Turk will tear them to shreds. And third, I exchange gifts with my family in person so I just leave them packaged and packed so I can drive them to Virginia. So rather than a flowing tree skirt, I love how

Handmade Tabletop Christmas Tree Of Beer Lids


Recycling things is a green idea, especially when you recycle those things that are difficult to recycle. Let?s make a funny Christmas tree of beer lids ? a brilliant green idea and a cool piece as a result. The supplies are a plastic glass, glue and beer lids. Use your hot glue gun to glue the lids to the plastic cup. Now add a cone of cardboard to make the top. Use some sparkling confetti, sequi

Residencia con detalles modernos y piscina grandiosa en Wemmel, Bélgica

Casas y Fachadas

Casa LS es un proyecto terminado por DMVA en Wemmel, Bélgica. El proyecto consiste en una estructura ordenada, con un techo de forma triangular, un amplio salón que se abre a un patio, una piscina e impresionantes zonas verdes que rodean la vivienda. Las afueras de Bruselas (incluyendo Wemmel) son bien conocidos por su paisaje verde. La clase alta se ha instalado cómodamente en sí aquí, la constru

DIY Himmeli Christmas Ornament


Geometric pieces are getting more and more popularity. That?s why today we?ll make a truly  geometric ornaments ? himmeli decoration. The supplies are paper straws (12 equal-sized pieces for each ornament), twine/string, wood beads, craft paint. Make a triangle of the paper straws, and then two more side by side. Attach several rows to each other using twine or string. If you want, you may attach

21 DÍAS PARA... / 21 DAYS FOR...


Otro de esos espacios poco habituales en nuestra Navidad, un invernadero con una mesa en que se ofrecen de dulces navideños en un ambiente que desprende estilo y aroma de especias.Más decoración de Navidad en desde my ventana: aquíyaquíImágenes: Hus Hem



The Prettiest Smoke Alarm You Ever Did See

Design Milk

Beep. It wakes you up in the middle of the night. Beep. Did you hear that? Beep. Wheres it coming from Listen for it Beep. Beep. Its one of your pesky smoke alarms letting you know its time for a battery change. Fumble around in the dark from room to room trying to figure out which alarm its coming from! Why does it always decide to start beeping at 3 AM? Just take the battery out and replace it

Decora tu navidad con papel - Portal de decoración

El papel en todas sus versiones es uno de los materiales ms verstiles y moldeables que existe, con l se puede hacer todo tipo de decoraciones, y en navidad es el papel es el rey de las manualidades y de las decoraciones de los nios.Seguro que muchos recordis las cadenetas de papel que cundo ramos pequeos hacamos para decorar el colegio pero a partir del mismo material se pueden hacer muchas ms cos

Brilliant Blind Ideas


When it comes to decorating your windows there are plenty of choices out there. Whether it?s a plush curtain or a practical Venetian, your window dressing is an integral part of your home. I m dying to replace my plastic venetian blinds with some more attractive curtains or Roman shades. However, I have been noticing that roller blinds have come a really long way. Here are a handful of cute one s

10 Modern Holiday Wreaths


Decorating for the holidays so often focuses on the interior of a house, but what about the front door? Its the first part of our homes that our guests will see and deserves just as much love and attention as the mantel or table. So to start today I thought a roundup of modern holiday wreaths would be just the ticket. If you want to bump it up even further, consider a brightly painted front door

Kabino Sideboard by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Design Milk

If were being honest, we all know sideboards can, well, be super boring. Designer Simon Legald had the notion to create a simple sideboard that was anything but snooze-inducing. The Kabino, designed for Normann Copenhagen, is a versatile piece with dynamic details that could be used in any room. On the front, the sideboard is outfitted with two sliding doors made of matt lacquered aluminum, one

Gardening Tools That Will Make You Want To Do Yard Work

Design Milk

If youre in need of an incentive to weed your garden or to re-pot some plants, the Orte set of tools might help. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, the modern, handheld set includes a hoe, rake, and shovel that sit neatly in their wooden base when not in use. The laser cut tools are painted in muted tones that reference the great outdoors.



DIY Project: Mixed Metal Natural Gift Toppers


We all have our own ways of showing our friends and family how much we love them when it comes gift-giving time. My way: gift wrap. Honestly, I sort of enjoy wrapping gifts more than actually shopping for them. Dont get me wrong. I try my hardest to pick out gifts that will be loved and cherished, but I take great pride in my ability to wrap a fine-looking present like every package is a special

12 Modern Christmas Stockings


I bought new Christmas stockings this year for the first time in ages. I wanted to have something different, so I ordered some rich red Otomi stockings that reminded me of my old headboard DIY project from 2009. During my hunt for something unexpected, I found some great stockings that are a fun (and colorful) spin on the traditional knit stock style. If youre looking to jazz up your mantel this

Cunas, Cómodas, para bebés, atención todo horario, incluso después de la jornada o sábado y domingo 27740658

Bien Venidos, Cunas, cómodas muebles de bebé

clic sobre foto, mas ofertasresponsabilidad en la entrega, Garantia Totalmuebles para toda la vidamuebles de bebe, camas, cunas, comodas** No tengo Muebles en vitrina, Si una extensa experiencia y capacidad a toda prueba, por lo que garantizo su mueble y servicio post venta gratuito



14 DIY Foodie Christmas Ornaments


I think that foodie ornaments look even cozier than usual ones because they mostly smell fantastic. Let?s see what we can make using some products from the kitchen. The easiest and most aromatic way to do that is to dry some apples, oranges or other fruit and hang them as an ornament. For a nice aroma hang also cinnamon sticks or cranberries onto your Christmas tree. Are you good at cooking? Then

Out of the blue


For those of us who do not live in the Netherlands (currently in my case), we can only enjoy the beauty of the Out of the Blue concept store through this pictures. If a pictures speaks a thousand words, then I m betting all those words are positive and showering the store with compliments.Together Marijn Damen Renee Arns, the founders of the store, work closely with the labels they carry, because

Neotoi by Emporium ¡Vaya personajes de muebles!

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

¿Qué te parece este gabinete para que guarden sus cosas? Se llama Mangione ¡Es todo un personaje! ¿Se enfadará si abrimos las puertas?Siempre me ha gustado la decoración y en particular, la decoración infantil y desde que colaboro con Decopeques no dejo de sorprenderme, voy de descubrimiento en descubrimiento. En otras ocasiones, he comentado mobiliario de diseño escandinavo para niños, de locura,

U-Line, una bodega en casa - Portal de decoración

Disponer de una pequea bodega en casa ya no es cuestin de espacio. U-Line, presenta los modelos U-Line Wine Capitan que proporcionan las mejores condiciones en la preservacin de los vinos.Su elegante esttica y sus reducidas dimensiones permiten que se adapte a cualquier cocina, pues cabe debajo de una encimera de altura estndar.Wine Captain se caracteriza por gestionar y mantener una temperatura e

25 Holiday Cards To Spread The Cheer


1. Sugar Paper Happy Holidays Wreath | 2. Emily McDowell Let It Snow?Within Reason | 3. Sugar Paper Red Happy Holidays | 4. Egg Press Merry Christmas Snappy New Year | 5. Banquet Rudolph Bear | 6. Mr. Bodingtons Studio 101 Ornaments | 7. 9th Letter Press Fa La La Although December 25th and the unwrapping of gifts on Christmas morning tends to be the main event of the holiday season, I love the d

Fia Interiors

House of Turquoise

I love how light and bright this home is! Erika Floysvik of Toronto-based Fia Interiors transformed the main floor to give it a fresh, contemporary design with nods to the history of the Victorian property. The wainscoting she had installed throughout is great, as is the cheery color palette! Love the striped runner on the stairs and amazing fireplace! See more photos of the home taken by Bohdan

What Wood You Say? Custom Hand-Cut Framed Art

Design Milk

Matthew Hoffman has been saying it with wood for years and hes bringing back his What Wood You Say series with a bang. This latest edition is a framed, hand-cut piece of art featuring whatever you want to say in three-dimensional wood letters. I Never Know Quite What To Get You in Party Mix colors The customizable piece begins by you picking the words and whatever colors you want to use. Hoffman

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Design Milk

The Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo, the visionary concept of a super sports car, for the new PlayStation® 3 racing game Gran Turismo® 6 was revealed at the LA Auto Show. We were fortunate enough to be there to speak with the lead designer, Bastian Baudy, whose concept vision was brought to life together with his fellow design team. Bastian Baudy and Oliver Samson Bastian explained that all

Sunshine Beach House by Wilson Architects

Design Milk

Located in Sunshine Beach, Noose, Australia, the Sunshine Beach House began its life as the Prell House, designed by architect Gabriel Poole in 1997. Influenced by Mediterranean and Mexican lifestyle and design, the living areas were surrounding a central courtyard. When new owners purchased the property, they quickly decided they were in favor of additional living space and all-weather connectio

Detalle para la casa de... un jinete (III)


David Schellander y Stefanie Richtsfeld son los creadores de este curioso asiento mecedora que te puede hacer sentir como si estuvieses directamente sentado en una silla de montar colocada en su correspondiente caballo. Bueno, vale, tal vez estoy exagerando un poco y es difícil que cualquier asiento, por bien diseñado que esté, nos pueda hacer sentir como si montásemos a caballo pero si alguno lo

Qué regalar en Navidad, o mi wishlist de Maisons du Monde.


Ya sabéis lo mucho que me gusta Maisons du Monde; la tienda online y las tiendas físicas. Particularmente, me enamoró la recién abierta Maisons du Monde en el Centro Comercial Bonaire de Valencia, (si tenéis oportunidad, no dejéis de visitarla). Este año, Maisons du Monde me propuso un divertido juego, hacer una lista de deseos que bien podría ser una lista de mis objetos de deseos de la tienda, o

Bona Naturale, aspecto y tacto natural - Portal de decoración

Bona Naturale es un tratamiento para pavimentos como parquet y tarima flotante, que proporciona a la madera un aspecto absolutamente natural, resaltando la veta de la madera pero con la resistencia de un barniz duradero.Protege la autntica naturaleza delos suelos de madera. Otros tratamientos modifican la textura original y la apariencia de forma significativa, pero Bona Naturale mantiene la mader

Las mantas reinventan su función en casa - Portal de decoración

No slo han sobrevivido al reinado de los rellenos nrdicos Las mantas resurgen con fuerza en diferentes materiales y acabados para aportar calidez a nuestros hogares, all donde el relleno nrdico no ha conseguido imponerse.Zara HomeTirar de la manta, Carretera y manta La sabidura popular est llena de alusiones a este textil del hogar, que tanto tiempo ha sido la prenda de abrigo por excelencia de la

Holiday Wishlist: Kyle

Design Milk

We don?t do traditional gift guides here on Design Milk because everyone does them; we like to be different. A few years back, we did staff wishlists and once again we thought it would be fun to continue this new tradition and ask each current contributor what was on their wishlist this holiday season. So, for the next two weeks were featuring staff wishlists see them all here. Here are some item

¿Belén, árbol o Papá Noel, con qué adornáis la casa en Navidad? La pregunta de la semana


Llega ya la Navidad y con ella la decoración navideña. A todos nos gusta engalanar la casa para estas fechas, pero cada uno lo hacemos de forma diferente en función de nuestros gustos, creencias o preferencias estéticas. Por eso para la pregunta de la semana os planteo: ¿Belén, árbol o Papá Noel, con qué adornáis la casa en Navidad? En mi casa hemos sido siempre muy de montar el Belén. De pequeñ

Striking Home Visualizations by Pavel Vetrov

Interior Design Ideas

If your home is crying out for a unique blend of sophistication with a dash of fun flavour, then these four apartments, visualized by Pavel Vetrov, just might give you the right hint. With tasteful lounge décor, dashing dining spaces and lavish bathroom ideas this feature is buzzing with inspiration for unique home style. Lets take a lookThe first apartment has the foundations of a monochrome drea

25 Gifts under $50


We have soooo many gift guides coming up. Theres one that Im really excited about (heres a hint), but first were tackling the budget guides. I honestly love gift guide season a.k.a. catch up on TV time In making this guide, I blew through all the episodes of Parenthood that I had missed this fall, Grace introduced me to Summer Heights High, and I maybe have been sneaking some Greys Anatomy into t

A fool proof way to mix and match styles, and a tiny peak into my home


During the warmer months I don t spend a whole lot of time indoors, so once it gets chilly, my mind - an body, turn to my home and it s decor. It s the time of year when I swap out cushions, rugs, and throws, and give everything that s being packed away a good cleaning. Objects that stay out or don t get rotated - like furniture, get wiped down and I revaluate the room it s in or it s placement

Win a copy of Little Prints


If you haven t already heard about the yellow owl workshop, then this is a great time to catch up! You also stand a chance to WIN a copy of the new book, Yellow Owl s Little Prints.Christine Schmidt started her art career at a very young age and by sheer hardwork she had grown the Yellow Owl Workshop to what it is today! You can recognize her works for their sophistticated yet playful aesthetic. R

Hazlo tú mismo: pequeños árboles de Navidad con piñas


El invierno es tiempo de manualidades en los días de frío y lluvia, pero también de paseos por el bosque en los días en los que brilla el sol. En los que paseamos podemos aprovechar para recoger piñas, ramas y otros elementos que después podemos aprovechar en nuestros proyectos DIY los días en los que no apetece salir de casa. Por ejemplo las piñas en particular, pueden dar mucho juego en lo que

Un tipi de verdad en casa? 5 ideas para inspirate

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Vía y Compra onlineUn tipi en casa es lo más parecido a vivir en plan casero una aventura en la llanuras, un lugar menos formal que el resto de la casa donde sale a relucir ese espíritu nómada, aventurero y algo salvaje que muchos peques llevan dentro (mmm, y algunos papis también, ¿o no?).  Un tipi puede moverse fácilmente, cambiarse de lugar y eso se contrapone a las estructuras fijas (¿y reglas