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DIY Winterized Felt Planter


When it?s so cold outside, we want to get warm and winterize everything. Let?s dress our plants! You?ll need some felt, about 4040 cm, needle and thread. Print the template and cut it out. Draw it on the felt and cut the felt according to the drawings. You?ll get kind of petals of felt. Arise them according to the pictures and sew using thread and needle. Then arise the remaining petals and also a

Aire libre de virus y bacterias

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Con el otoo llega la bajada de temperaturas y un periodo en el que solemos pasar ms tiempo resguardados del fro, en espacios cerrados, con calefaccin y humedad y no siempre bien ventilados, lo que multiplica los riesgos de incubacin de virus y bacterias.Daikin cuenta con una gama de purificadores capaces de filtrar y purificar el ambiente, eliminando virus, bacterias y otros alrgenos y proporciona

Manualidades navideñas una caja kleenex

Decoración 2.0

Nos encanta el colorido de las fiestas decembrinas y siempre podemos ponernos muy creativas, haciendo que la navidad se perciba en cada rincón de caja. Ahora te traemos una idea genial para convertir una caja de pañuelos desechables en otro detalle navideño que encantará a todos. Para que coloques sobre tu escritorio en la oficina o bien en la mesilla de noche de tu dormitorio. Te gustará tanto qu

Meet Stylist + Author Emily Chalmers


Hello friends! Today I have a special interview with London-based stylist and author Emily Chalmers. But first, I hope that your day is going well for you. We just signed on our new apartment about an hour ago and the renovations begin next week (already!), so Im living fast and crazy at the moment. The baby is doing so well too Ive entered my third trimester and my 29th week begins on Monday. I

Damm Lighting


I love seeing couples that have found a way to live and work together. These fun lights are the product of married couple (of 18 years), Robert and Brenda Zurn. Together they founded DAMM design studio (which stands for Design. Art. Means. Motive.) to explore work that blends the worlds of art and design. I was instantly smitten with their fungi-inspired lights that feel like the sprouted up fro

Attractive flooring options when it s all about budget


First I m amazed by carpet tiles - now I m looking at vinyl tiles!? Now before you say yuck vinyl (because that was my first reaction) take a second look at some of the pictures below. Did you know there is such a thing as luxury vinyl tiles? I did not.via HouzzBelieve it or not those gorgeous wood floors are tiled vinyl! My mind is officially blown! These water resistant floors are making a hug

Trabajos realizados en vinilo esmerilado

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Planchas realizadas en vinilo esmerilado listas para ser entregadas a los clientes.Este material es el indicado enpuertas y ventanas de vidrio para protegerlas y lograr privacidad sin restar luz al ambiente.Diseño Bambú Diseño Rama pájaro alegre En la imagen superior vemos el diseño realizado en positivo (sólo la silueta en vinilo esmerilado), y en la inferior, en negativo (fondo en vinilo esmer

Negative Space Chess Set by Stefan Gougherty

Design Milk

Industrial designer Stefan Gougherty took the classic chess set and turned it on its head with his latest project called Negative Space Chess Set for Geremia Design. After analyzing traditional chess pieces, each piece becomes an abstracted version of itself. From left to right: Pawn, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King The interiors of acrylic cubes were machined out to create voids that reference

El precioso Instagram decorativa de Annaleena


Annaleena Leino-Karlsson es una decoradora de interiores finlandesa justo ayer mi compañera mariona nos enseñaba sus percheros Clothing Rails que tiene un precioso Instagram decorativo su usuario es annaleenashem, con un gusto nórdico tirando a minimalista que me ha hecho recordar a otra Instragrammer con mucho estilo: aMerryMishap, que siempre recomiendo seguir a los iniciados en esta red social

Before & After: An Awkward Walk-Through Becomes A Beautiful Nautical Nursery


When I was nine years old, my family moved from a small cottage on Buffalos west side to a slightly larger home a few blocks away. The house, converted from a duplex and left abandoned for several years, was in epic need of repair?rooms needed to be gutted, windows were broken, there was no functional plumbing or electrical, and there was a giant hole in the ceiling between the first and second f

Decorar con huevos de hilo

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Buenos días amigos, en el espacio de hoy os dejo con estos encantadores huevos hechos a partir de hilos de colores. Una idea genial para decorar algunos de nuestros rincones.Si tienes un evento infantil, si te gusta la decoración a base de objetos diferentes, si tienes niños en casa y quieres hacer una divertida manualidad con ellos.. solo tienes que seguir los siguientes pasos.Alguna vez hemos vi

$10 DIY White Pinecones Wreath For Fall And Winter Decor


A pinecone wreath is actual not only in fall but also in winter, so let?s make one! The great thing is that it costs only $10! You?ll need pinecones in various sizes and textures, white spray paint, a hot glue gun and sticks, a grape vine wreath, fine glitter. Spray paint wreath and pine cones white. Sprinkle glitter while the paint is still wet and let dry. When the paint is dry, glue the pine co

Decoración Infantil Personalizada

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Vinilos decorativos infantilesA muchos de vosotros os encanta personalizar las cosas de vuestros hijos, y cada vez hay más opciones de hacerlo, también es cierto que algunas más bonitas que otras Nuestros amigos de Fun Choices no dejan nunca de sorprendernos, y además de las etiquetas para marcar las cosas de los peques en cantidad de diseños y formatos disponibles, ¡se han lanzado al mundo de la

Killa Coat Rack by Olli Mustikainen

Design Milk

Killa Coat Rack is a minimalist design created by Finland-based designer Olli Mustikainen, who is a Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences graduate with a degree in Industrial Design. His portfolio is a diverse assemblage of unique materials and aesthetics. His most recent project, Killa Coat Rack, is constructed of oiled oak, and maintains a more tame design compared to the rest of h

HIVEHAUS® ? A Modular Hexagonal Home By Barry Jackson

Design Milk

HIVEHAUS®, designed by Barry Jackson, is an ultra compact modular housing system inspired by hexagonal honeycomb structures that honey bees build to store honey and pollen in a beehive. Hexagonal modules, or cells, that are identical in size can be joined together at any time to any of the six sides of the cell to create a modular cluster of connected units or a Hive. Each cell is 9.3 square met

Pequenos detalhes para mimar você e a casa

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Incrível como às vezes não percebemos as coisas. Mas pequenos detalhes podem mimar você e a casa!Mais que revigorar o corpo e o espírito, a hora do banho é propícia para turbinar a ideia de uma casa gostosa. Vale a pena resgatar prazeres simples, gostosos e relaxantes como:- Comprar sabão líquido perfumado.- Adicionar um capricho com flores no banheiro.Sim, é possível ter um lar bonito e cheio d

Before & After: A Small, Shabby London Kitchen Gets A Chic Update


Phil Shakespeare is an upholster and refinisher of vintage furniture by trade, so he knows a think or two about restoring old things to their former glory. When he moved into his 1930s London flat, it was in desperate need of an update. The previous tenant, a stage actor who had been living in the flat since the 1960s, had a particularly funky sense of style?charming in its own retro-chic kind of

Jana Bek Design

House of Turquoise

I love the light, airy feel to this New York City studio apartment belonging to interior designer Jana Bek, photographed here by by Erik Melvin and Nathan Kostegian. Jana skillfully incorporated her love of color and pattern into the limited space, not to mention an awesome mix of high/low and DIY! I love the turquoise headboard and how it mirrors the throw on the other side of the room. Those lam

Beanbag Stools Filled with Recycled Bottle Caps

Design Milk

Ever think about where all those plastic bottle caps end up when youre done with your bottled drink? Usually, its the landfill. Thankfully there are design studios like the Hong Kong-based KaCaMa Design Lab that specialize in reusing post-consumer waste materials for really cool projects like the PP Capsule stools. PP Capsule makes use of all those plastic caps by upcycling 4,000 caps and using t

Fresh From The Dairy: Wild Animals Meet Geometry

Design Milk

This is by far the weirdest theme Ive come up with for my weekly Design Milk Dairy collection Society6 picks, but its a trend Ive been seeing over the past few years. Above: Deer art print by Deniz Erçelebi This one is also a pretty awesome iPhone/smartphone case. Bear art print by Yoaz Elephant art print by Mark Ashkenazi Wildlife Analysis III print by Alex G Griffiths I love this as a tote

Wedding DIY: Dress Hanger


Image above: de la Barra Photography When planning our Design*Sponge wedding shoot, we were completely captivated by the deep reds of the dinner plate dahlias are in season during the Fall. Their deep red color made us think of wine and so wine became a little secondary theme for our wedding shoot. We created this wine-inspired photo backdrop. And our styling consultant on the shoot, Ginny Branc

Letras para personalizar el dormitorio de los niños

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A los peques de la casa les encanta marcar su territorio, por eso hoy os enseamos una forma original de decorar unas letras con el nombre del peque, para que podis colocarlas en la puerta de su dormitorio.MATERIALES NECESARIOSDremel VersaTipDremel Pistola Glue Gun y barras de cola de brillo GG04Lpiz y polvos de grabacin en relieve Plantillas troqueladasGemas con la parte posterior plana de diferen

Wedding DIY: Concrete Votives


Image above: de la Barra Photography For our Fall Wedding shoot, we knew we wanted the table filled with candles. Candles are an easy (and inexpensive) way to add some glamour to a table. Votive projects are always fun and easy. Stylist Ginny Branch Stelling used an unexpected material for this project concrete. The result is a gray candle with a faux bois look perfect for our Terrain wedding.

Comby Collection by Federica Bubani

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Italian designer Federica Bubani designed a series of objects that consist of three main elements: a wooden box, a ceramic shade and a steel bar. Called Comby, the collection consists of objects all which incorporate wood, ceramic and metal to become a functional object and a visually interesting sculpture. In each one, the volume of wood is the same and the ceramic shades are also the same excep

Decorar con una vieja ventana

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Buenos días amigos, en el espacio de hoy os dejo con esta vieja ventana que decora una amplia pared. Si te fijas bien una excelente idea para estas Navidades.Pienso que es una bonita opción, curiosa y fuera de lo normal.. una solución decorativa importante, tanto para decorar, como para reciclar esa ventana antigua que anda por casa.A veces las cosas más insospechadas se convierten en las protagon

Book Art by Ekaterina Panikanova

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I cant remember how I stumbled on the work of Ekaterina Panikanova, but I am glad I found her stunning book page drawings. Im no stranger to the delicacy and gentle touch needed to draw on aging book pages, so I can appreciate these even more. A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Panikanova was one day walking through a flea market when she stumbled upon a 700-page manuscri

Casas urbanas entre medianeras

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Este libro muestra una amplia seleccin de proyectos recientes realizados por arquitectos de renombre internacional.Las casas presentadas se caracterizan por su emplazamiento en parcelas ajustadas y complicadas, donde es difcil integrar los nuevos volmenes residenciales. Los proyectos incluidos solucionan y sacan partido a estas complicaciones, adaptndose al entorno y ofreciendo soluciones tcnicas

Lowe?s Deck The Halls ? With Bloggers!


Hello decor8 readers, it?s Jessica Senti, Holly?s assistant. Im visiting to tell you about an event that I attended on Holly?s behalf called, Lowes Deck The Halls and Walls and All. Lowes brought together 7 talented bloggers, who used items you can find at your local Lowes, to turn a Manhattan loft into a Holiday home complete with all the trimmings. They also brought in Anthony Carrino and John C

Contemporary Bauhaus Style Home in Haifa

Interior Design Ideas

Taking a cue from the Bauhaus-heavy styles in the French Carmel neighborhood of Haifa in Israel, architects from pitsou kedem this house is a beautiful example of how styles that were once cutting edge can be updated and remain relevant and beautiful.From the back of the house, the space almost takes on a dollhouse feeling since you can see directly in to the different rooms and feel as though you

Design Icon: Scalamandre Zebra Pattern


Design: Scalamandré Zebra Pattern Designer: Flora Scalamandré  (1907-1987) Date: 1930s Country of Origin: United States Manufacturer: Scalamandré (a silk manufacturer founded by Franco and Flora Scalamandré in 1929) Materials and Construction: Both the wallpaper and silk fabric versions of the pattern are hand screen printed. Fun Facts: The pattern was originally designed for use in Ginos restaur

Detalles para todos los rincones

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La decoracin es una cuestin de detalles Despus de decidir qu tipo de muebles pondremos en las diferentes estancias de nuestro hogar, es hora de ocuparnos de los detalles, porque ellos sern en gran medida los encargados de hacer que la sensacin que trasmite sea de calor de hogar.Unas fotos familiaresUnos jarronesDetalles aromticos...Unas velas que iluminen cada pequeo rincn...Unas flores de colores

Inspiración para Navidad

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¿Les parece demasiado pronto para estar pensando en Navidad? En los últimos días, eso es lo que ha estado rondando mi mente. A veces creo que debería ponerme a sacar mis cajas de adornos, y empezar a preparar las decoraciones y DIYs para la casa, ahora que todavía es buen tiempo, para que no me agarren las prisas de siempre. Sin embargo, tampoco soy muy fan de la saturación que ya sugieren las

12 Pretty Feminine DIY Dressing Tables And Vanities


Every girl needs a vanity or a dressing table in her home for makeup and taking care of herself. To make one you can refashion your old table or desk into a cool vanity with a mirror. You can also renovate your old dressing table into a new one using fabric and wood. You can build a new vanity of wood just making a shelf in the corner ? it?s a very smart and space-saving idea, and to make everybod

Delicadeza y belleza en el mobiliario de Martina Sperl, diseños actuales con una inspiración vintage


Delicadeza y belleza en el mobiliario de Martina Sperl, diseños actuales con una inspiración vintage. Martina es una artesana austríaca que se dedica a recuperar piezas antiguas, viejas sillas, butacas y sofás y les da una segunda vida, las restaura, las tapiza y las adapta a los gustos y tendencias del momento. Sus piezas rezuman confort, calidad y diseño por todos sus poros, el producto result

El nuevo difusor eléctrico de Diptyque, hasta el nombre es bonito


Aunque la historia de Dyptique comienza en 1961, en el número 34 del Boulevard Saint Germain de París, no es hasta 1963 cuando la ya mítica marca lanza su primer trío de velas perfumadas, el comienzo de un largo repertorio de fragancias para la casa, siempre con toques florales, de hierbas y especias raras y preciosas, rindiendo homenaje a la naturaleza universal. Ahora, cincuenta años después, l